Melbourne is Australia’s Hottest Location for Music


The city of Melbourne, Victoria is a mecca for the music industry within Australia. This is a place that is known for music. Believe it or not music lovers from all over the city, the province of Victoria and the city hosts at least 62,000 concerts every year. This makes Melbourne the live performance music of the world.


That is phenomenal. There are at least 170 concerts going on everyday within this city. Most of them are free to the public and people can just get out and enjoy themselves listening to their favorite sounds. Now, let’s check out the Melbourne music scene and all that it offers for music fans.


The Commercial Music Scene within Melbourne


The commercial music is the dominate musical form within the city of Melbourne and on the continent of Australia. This city is known for releasing national and internationally known artists. Music talents such as Olivia Newton John, John Farnham and Graeme Bell. All of these artists and many more like them were and still are really popular mainstream music personalities.


The Importance of ARIA


Other artists such as Ed Sheeran, Cody Simpson, Pnau and Amy Shark often break the top 10 commercial song list as presented by the Australian Recording Industry Association or ARIA. In Australia, ARIA is the nation’s number one music ranking organization. It is similar to the Billboard music charts and it is also used to rate many musical genres that come from all over Australia.


Popular Genres in Melbourne


Melbourne’s music environment is similar to the rest of Australia. However, some of the most popular sounds within this city (and the nation) include Australian Hip Hop, Pub Rock, Pop, Country and R&B. Indigenous music from the Aborigines is also popular. Other popular forms of Australian music include EDM, classic and jazz.


Melbourne’s Indie Music Scene


The city of Melbourne has a lot of independent artists who appeal to niche groups all throughout the city and the nation. Remember that there is about 4.5 million people that live here. There are many independent music artists that perform across different genres. If independent artists are good enough they will receive local support form community radio programs and other outlets.


Melbourne Based Musical Artist Discovery Programs


Some of the hottest musical talents within Australia emerge from Melbourne’s musical programs. These programs include Young Talent Time, Neighbours and Turn It Up! As a matter of fact, Turn it UP is considered the second largest talent discovery program in the world. Many of the contestants on these programs might not become international stars but they do enjoy national and local success.


Melbourne Local Artists


Many of Melbourne’s musical artists perform on the street, at free concerts and in music halls. Some are classical musicians that show case their talent in classical presentations, some are school choirs that perform locally for events.


Keep in mind that many other artists perform in festivals, fairs and in different venues all over the city. Do not forget that the music of Melbourne is alive, fresh and very diverse. Melbourne is definitely a happening place for music fans all over Australia and across the globe.