Dj’s in Melbourne


Dj’s in Melbourne

In Melbourne, it takes no time to figure out how to really get the party started. It is simple! It is always about having a good Dj that can read the crowd and closely follow the mood of your guests to ensure everyone is up and having fun at your event. That is the key. Without the creativity and artistry of dj’s at events, you cannot be certainly sure to have as much fun. Their talent in Melbourne is highly appreciated for the quality music they play.



Melbourne’s Top Dj’s

From companies to organizations that sign major spin gurus, the Dj industry in Melbourne is full of competition as expected. However you may not agree to the list but when it comes to individual spin masters, these are definitely the top three Dj’s in the area;



  1. Dj Cookie

He is the missing piece in any event that needs a Dj on the decks. He is extremely user friendly, accommodating all kinds of music genres and very professional but not too stiff and starchy.



  1. Chris Barks Dj

Do you want a people’s pleaser? This is the Dj to be on the decks. He is a highly recommended Dj in Melbourne. Pulls crowds to the dance floor and his professionalism is on another level.



  1. Dj Ricardo

A crowd in an event always has different expectations with regards to the music played. Dj Ricardo can sure deliver to a mixed crowd with very specific ideas of what they wanted.




Dj Services Available

Practically, almost every event accommodates a Dj these days, so much so for Melbourne. Sports events have Dj’s these days! That should be Amazing. The most common events and places to find Dj’s in Melbourne apart from clubs include;



Kids Parties

Birthdays! Young kids will always appreciate music and dance to it with their hearts. You need to celebrate your child’s birthday party in style. Having a Dj in a kid’s birthday party is common in Melbourne and is one sure way to have an entertaining fun filled time from start to finish.


Weddings and Engagements

The perfect wedding! Dj’s at your wedding is a priority when planning your entertainment needs. With the best Melbourne wedding DJs, with reasonable prices, you are certain to have quality entertainment and the most incredible loving experience to share with your family and friends for years to come. They are often referred to as Dj’s for hire.



Corporate Events

Work with no play makes John a dull boy. If you can work together as a team then it’s high time you partied together as well. This seems to be the trend in Melbourne. Whether it is in a professional setting, team building events, award events, launches, end of year events or a large-scale event, the experience of having a Dj around has always made the whole concept more interesting. It is always fun to reward your staff with a fun filled event; none stop music and a dance floor full of people.



School Functions

School functions definitely have to have a Dj. What better way to entertain the young and energetic? The routine in Melbourne has always been that when school is out it is time to party. It can never go wrong. Young, full of energy and ready to rumble, a Dj is the perfect combination or young students fresh from school. Contact