Three things you should consider before having a party in Melbourne


No one hates parties. The type of party in question may differ but we must agree on one thing: everyone loves parties. It is a chance to celebrate with loved ones, get to bond with people we care about and share out triumphs in life with them. The only challenge with parties comes in planning for it and mostly getting a DJ for the party. The fact is, no party is complete without a Dj, since if you don’t have a Dj then you don’t have music. And a party without music is, well’ worse that a burial ceremony. So, What should you consider when planning a party and looking for a DJ?

The people invited

Yes, it’s true, it’s your party. However, the people you want to have over will definitely dictate what you will serve, the kind of music the DJ will play and even the venue of the party. My friend Rob from, who is a party animal, always says , Before holding a party, know your crowd. What do they like? Remember the reason for having the party is for you to share the special day with your friends. What is the point of it all if they come and have a hell of a time?



The reason for the party

The two factors above will depend on this- the reason for the party. There is no way you can plan for anything without knowing the purpose of the party. Is it just friends getting together, having fun? Is it a birthday party? Knowing the purpose for the party will guide you on identifying the Dj to hire and the type of music to be played

The DJ to hire

in every part the DJ is one of the key factors for the success of a party. finding the right Dj to hire for a party is practically having a good party. In Melbourne, Every DJ will claim to be able to play any kind of music. This is not true. Being a DJ is so much like being a dancer. The fact that a dancer can dance salsa so well does not mean that automatically they will be great at samba too. They are especially good at one type of dance compared to the others. Choose your DJ based on the type or variety of music you want to be played at the party. If you manage to get one who loves that kind of music, that’s the person for the job. The music will be flawless. Dj Nights is a vibrant popular diverse DJ with the task of keeping the party exciting and going. Most people judge a party on how good the music was. It is a fact, apart from the cocktails and the food, music is what cranks a party up, especially in Melbourne. getting that part right is as well as getting the party right and memorable.

When you consider those three things you are bound to make one unforgettable party. Now get on with it, choosing DJ Nights and have the party of your life.